Experiences of a Buspreneur on #Startupbus Silicon Valley

Today is the second day on #Startupbus Silicon Valley – making the trek from San Francisco to Austin, Texas (currently driving through the deserts of Arizona en route to New Mexico), conceptualizing, developing and selling a company … in under four days. Having never done a hackathon (I have always wanted to do a cross-country road trip though), the trip admittedly seemed a bit daunting, crazy … and undeniably exciting.

Both the tech enthusiast and journalist in me wanted to experience the startup world first-hand, seeing how a company could evolve, and what could be done with a group of  determined individuals within a seemingly impossibly finite amount of time.  Our team’s project – Expensieve – tackles the functional side of SxSW, focusing on transforming your paper receipts into a digital collection of images for you to categorize, tag, and organize for your tax preparation and IRS audit defense needs.

I’ll be writing more about this after this on-the-road hackathon is over, but for now, I invite you to check out www.expensieve.com – make sure to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. You can even buy our stock on the BUSDAQ.  Look forward to hearing what you think!

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